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to further education for kids everywhere

Why Math Gives

Math can be a fascinating subject that has the potential to open up new horizons for many, given the right level of guidance. We are fortunate to have had wonderful mentors and have developed a curiosity for math. With Math Gives, we volunteer our time and hope to share some of our enthusiasm with students who are looking to bridge a class, enrich themselves, or would like help in school, for free. At the same time, students and their families who can pay it forward by supporting non-profit education based organizations that help underprivileged kids.

What We Do

Find Volunteer Math Tutors

At Math Gives, we find tutors who are both interested and knowledgeable in various aspects of math, and are motivated to volunteer time for an important cause. 

Match With Students for Free Tutoring

Based on the topics to be covered and availability, we identify tutors who can best help a student and help in scheduling sessions between them.

Get Donations for Educational Charities

In lieu of fees, we ask that, if you are able, you make a donation to one of the educational charities we have chosen, in any amount you deem appropriate. We also request that you let us know the details of the donations so we may track the reach of our efforts.

Learn with Math Gives

Step 1

Fill out a form with details of what you are looking for. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Step 2

We will match you with a tutor for single or multiple sessions.

Step 3

We ask that you donate to one of the educational charities we have chosen.


Volunteer to share your passion for math with others and help educate underprivileged kids. Sign up as a tutor and we will match you with students.  As an organization, we can provide you with volunteer hours if you would like.

Our Partner

Eden Housing

The mission of Eden Housing is to build and maintain high quality, well-managed, service-enhanced affordable housing communities that meet the needs of lower income families, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Eden has worked in partnership with cities and local community partners to develop or acquire more than 10,600 homes in communities throughout California, currently serving a diverse population of 22,000 low-income residents from all cultures and backgrounds.

We work with Eden Housing to match our tutors with their students. Please sign up as a tutor if you would like to support Eden.